Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Smack down

You know things are bad for President Obama when the media is turning on him. Newsweek's Howard Fineman took him to task for being on TV too much and the Washington Post's Richard Cohen said Obama isn't acting presidential enough!

Yikes. When a liberal loses the media, you're all alone!

h/t to Newsbusters

Oh boy

It just keeps getting creepier. Last week we saw video of students singing the praises of President Obama and now a video emerges of people, led by ministers, PRAYING TO OBAMA.

Don't believe me:

h/t to Michael Graham


Michael Paulson, the esteemed Religion writer for the Boston Globe, makes a great point today: Would there be so many calls for mercy if Roman Polanski were a Catholic priest? Lest you forget, Polanski plied a 13-year old girl with booze and raped her. Polanski has been on the lam since 1977 and he has been hiding in France ever since.

He was arrested recently in Switzerland and many in Hollywood are calling for mercy as he faces extradition to the United States. But, did you hear the same calls for mercy for Catholic priests who did the same thing? No...and rightfully so.

See Paulson's piece here but below is a quote from the post from Rev. Thomas Reese of Georgetown:

Polanski's defenders, including a 2008 HBO documentary, argue that he should not be punished. They say that the girl was willing and sexually experienced and she has forgiven him (after receiving a settlement). They even cite his tragic childhood and life as an excuse. And besides, it is ancient history.

Such arguments from pedophile priests would be laughed out of court and lambasted by everyone, and rightly so. It makes no difference that the girl is willing and sexually experienced, it is a crime. It is the role of the court, not the victim, to decide who goes to jail and for how long.

It is not as if Polanski is the only Hollywood celebrity to be accused of child abuse. Woody Allen and Michael Jackson come to mind. I am sure that with a little research the media could come up with quite a list. The Catholic Church has rightly been put under a microscope when 4 percent of its priests were involved in abuse, but what about the film industry?

The world has truly changed. Entertainment is the new religion with sex, violence and money the new Trinity. The directors and stars are worshiped and quickly forgiven for any infraction as long as the PR agent is a skilled as a saintly confessor. Entertainment, not religion, is the new opiate of the people and we don't want our supply disturbed.

Is there a double standard here? You bet.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Expose on the judge

On Friday, Massachusetts Judge Thomas Connolly ruled that Gov. Deval Patrick had the right to declare the appointment of Sen. Paul Kirk an emergency so that the law allowing the appointment of an interim senator could take place immediately and not in 90 days as is customary for most laws.

No shock there but who is Judge Connolly? Howie has the low down here. You will want to make sure you've taken your blood pressure meds before reading.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Don't forget...

Ken Burns' newest movie "The National Parks: America's Best Idea" premieres tomorrow at 8pm on PBS. It is 12 hours long and runs in 6 episodes between Sunday and Friday at 8PM. DO NOT MISS IT.

Dan Rea

I called into Dan Rea's "Nightside" show on WBZ 1030AM last night. His guest was Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair John Walsh and they were talking about the appointment of Paul Kirk as our interim senator. Walsh kept on citing the change to the Senate vacancy law in 2004 and said it was Republicans who were being hypocritical because they voted for the provision to allow for an interim senator in 2004 but not in 2009.

I called in and reminded Walsh and Rea that the bill that passed this week was introduced in 2006 by Republicans and it was defeated overwhelmingly by the Democrats. Why are Democrats voting for this now? I said it was because Kerry Healy was not elected governor in 2006 - if she were, this bill would not have seen the light of day.

I did get some props from Rea for bringing up good points and Walsh didn't seem to have good come backs. He did ask me, "We could ask how you would have voted on this bill but you lost last year, right?" I had no idea what he was talking about, I assumed he was saying if I cared so much I would run for office so I said something having a young child and can't run. Walsh said, "Oh, sorry, I'm thinking of another Brian from Dracut." Huh??

Anyway, this was the second night in a row I called into Rea's show. I called on Thursday to talk about the political ramifications of Gov. Deval Patrick appointing Kirk to the Senate. I haven't listened to Rea's show in a while but I may start listening again. He leans right but he is very fair to all his guests and callers. Good stuff.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gee, thanks Obama

Hey Deval Patrick - President Obama owes you big for forcing you to push for an interim senator. In the process, you have jacked up Republicans, ticked off Dukakis supporters (which is your base), and shown yourself to be weak and a lackey of the Kennedy's. If you lose in 2010, Obama owes you a mega hack job.

Anyway, Jay over at Hub Blog says it perfectly:

With an unerring instinct for political disaster, Deval Patrick looks like he's going with Paul Kirk -- and Patrick will look like a first-rate incompetent weenie as a result. He'll come across as having caved to the mildest criticism of Dukakis and the slightest hint a Dukakis appointment might be used as a campaign issue. He'll come across as having buckled to the wishes of the out-of-state Kennedy family and D.C. insiders. He should have cut his losses and just gone with the Duke. But now he'll take a triple hit: pissing off the Duke's Dem groupies across the state, tagging himself as a pushover for the Kennedys and Washington establishment, and reminding everyone why any appointment shouldn't have been made in the first place...

I keep scratching my head: How does a Paul Kirk appointment help Deval? He gets the gratitude of the Kennedy family, which gets to feel good that they've rewarded one of their own with the ultimate resumé-stuffer present. But what else does Deval get out of this back-room deal? Gratitude of voters that he appointed a long-time coat-holder insider and lobbyist? ... Well, he wanted to make this appointment. He's got it! ... BTW: Are Republicans going to take action on Deval's 'emergency' appointment? ...

Silver lining?

The Globe has an interesting article today on the selection of a new interim senator for Massachusetts. All signs point to Paul Kirk, a former aide to Sen. Ted Kennedy and the former chairman of the DNC, getting the job. He is also the head of the board for the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation.

The fact that Kirk is getting the nod is further proof that this whole charade has been about nothing more than party politics. Kirk is only getting the job because the Kennedy's want him to. They feel he will be a rubber stamp and vote exactly the way Kennedy would have. Former Gov. Michael Dukakis is out of the running because he had the audacity to say he would actually read legislation. Yikes, can't have someone like that in the Senate! Plus, Gov. Deval Patrick knows the peril of appointing one of the most unpopular governors in recent memory to a Senate seat. Just think of the campaign material Republicans will have in 2010!

The good news about all this is that no matter who he picks, Patrick will be weakened. If he picks Kirk, he will upset his base who wanted someone like Dukakis. If he picks Dukakis, he ticks off the Kennedy's and the National Democratic party. New poll numbers came out last night which said Patrick's approval rating is in the 40's and the only support he will get in the 2010 race is from his base. What happens if his base abandons him? Charlie Baker becomes governor.

Good luck, Gov. Patrick. You got what you asked for!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Because I said so...

So our "government" is at it again. Not only are they engaging in pure partisan politics and doing President Obama's bidding but they're now taking advantage of a loophole in the Constitution.

When a bill becomes a law in Massachusetts, it cannot take effect for 90 days unless 2/3 of the House and Senate attaches an emergency preamble to the bill saying it can take effect immediately. However, if they do not get the 2/3 vote, the governor has the power "to declare that the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, safety or convenience requires that such law should take effect forthwith and that it is an emergency law and setting forth the facts constituting the emergency, then such law, if not previously suspended as hereinafter provided, shall take effect without suspension."

This is very vague language and any governor can essentially do whatever the hell he wants. He could say, oh I don't know, that the president and the Senate Majority Leader are twisting his arm and are making him do this so, well, yeah, it's an emergency.


Doing what's best for them...again

So not only are the Massachusetts Democrats a bunch of hypocrites, they're also a bunch of wimps. It seems that Gov. Deval Patrick will name Paul Kirk to serve as interim senator until January 19. Why a no-name like Kirk? Because the Kennedy's said so.


As Howie Carr said today, when the Kennedy's say jump, the Democrats say "How high?"

Credit where credit is due

I've made no secret of the fact that I can't stand Gov. Deval Patrick. I cannot wait until the day he leaves office in 2011 (God willing). But, I will give him credit on one issue. Hyatt Hotels in Boston recently had 100 house cleaners train new, lower paid workers and they assured them that they were not going to replace them with the lower paid workers. But, right after the training was complete they laid off the employees and replaced them with the cheaper workers.

In response, Patrick has called for a boycott of Hyatt Hotels by all state employees. Good move governor, let these corporate bums sweat.

Told you

Further proof that the interim senator bill is nothing more than a political power grab by the Democrats. From the Boston Globe:

News of the vote reverberated yesterday from Beacon Hill to Washington, where US Senate majority leader Harry Reid, informed of the news when a note was passed to him, pumped his fist into the air and cracked a small smile, according to an aide.

The national and state Democrats are laughing at all of us and are thinking that you and I are so jaded or stupid that we won't even care about this. Whenever one political faction has complete control of the political process and can continue to change the rules of the game our democracy is in peril. DO NOT STAND FOR THIS IN 2010.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

People are angry

I don't typically read the comments on news stories on boston.com as they're typically moonbat wackos defending some liberal political issue.

But, take a look at the comments on the story about the bill that would give Gov. Deval Patrick the power to appoint an interim senator. Brutal stuff. Legislators should be very, very afraid. Here is a taste of three different comments:

Typical Beacon Hill inside game. The legislators in this State are disgusting.

I've always read about 'elections' in places like Russia, Iran, Iraq, etc. and wondered how the people could tolerate the farce. I thought that even in the face of brutal crackdowns that surely there must be enough people of conscience to stand up to corruption and totalitarian regimes. That local if not international media coverage would shame such actions into oblivion.I hereby apologize to the citizens of those nations. If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere.

"Yes we can!" vote Deval and all the other hypocrits out of office. You will all pay dearly next election...I hope you enjoy the letter of thanks from Obama because his re-election is questionable as well. We will not forget come voting day.

One last chance

I was listening to Howie Carr on the way home and state Sen. Scott Brown called in and said there may be one final way to cripple the interim senator bill.

Whenever a bill is signed by the governor, it cannot go into effect until 90 days later. However, if 2/3 of the House and Senate passes an emergency preamble, that permits the law to take effect immediately. On initial passage, the bill did not pass the House or Senate with 2/3 votes so there is still a chance to delay this bill's effective date until Christmas!

So, if your state representative or senator voted no on this bill, call them NOW and ask them to vote no on the emergency preamble. If the initial votes hold then its effectiveness will be a moot point as the interim senator will serve for less than a month.

Here is the contact information for the House and Senate.

Shocked, shocked I tells ya

Today the state Senate voted to give Gov. Deval Patrick the power to appoint an interim senator to serve between now and the January 19 special election. The bill already passed the House so Patrick will sign it tomorrow or so. This despite the fact that the Democrats changed the law in 2004 to help Sen. John Kerry and in 2006 they voted down the exact same law because a Republican was still the governor.

My state senator, Susan Tucker, voted no according to her office.

This, of course, is no surprise as the Democrats have a super duper uper majority in the Legislature. But, this, and the sales tax increase, the hack jobs, the fact that three speakers in a row has resigned in disgrace will give the Republicans plenty of fodder in 2010.

These are already not good times to be an incumbent and with President Obama facing high negative poll numbers, things do not look good for Democrats nationally next year. Votes like the one the Senate took today will not be forgotten.

Election day

Today is the preliminary election in Boston (and other cities). There are four candidates for mayor: Mayor Thomas Menino, City Councilors Michael Flaherty (no relation) and Sam Yoon, and business man Kevin McCrea.

I predict that Menino and Flaherty will emerge and in November, Menino will pull it off. But, he has not taken any chances as incumbent mayors are falling all over the state. This is not a good year to be an incumbent in any race but because of his machine, Menino will ride it out.

But, will we see "The Last Hurrah" come to life? Stay tuned.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

And Baby Makes Four

Big news out of Casa Flaherty: Lynn is pregnant with baby #2! We actually found out back in June but we wanted to wait until she was far enough along to tell people.

The baby is due on February 10 which will be interesting because my birthday is February 11. We don't know what we're having as we like the surprise. We didn't know what Kevin would be so we stuck with not knowing this time either.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Which way is it?

For weeks now the Democrats have been telling us that Gov. Deval Patrick needs the power to appoint an interim senator so Massachusetts has two votes in the Senate. This despite the fact that Sen. Ted Kennedy personally lobbied for this power to be taken away in 2004 when Republican Gov. Mitt Romney was in office. This also despite the fact that the Republicans proposed the exact same law in 2006 but was voted down by Democrats.

But it's just about the people of Massachusetts, not partisan politics, right?

Well, Patrick himself tells the AP otherwise:

"It's out there that the Senate president and the (House) speaker are trying to figure out whether this can be accomplished, and he (President Obama) fully understands , as do his aides, who I have talked to more about it, the importance of having the support for a change agenda down in Washington."

But it's just about the people of Massachusetts, right Governor?

Friday, September 18, 2009

On the air

I will be on 980AM WCAP tomorrow from 6:30am-7:30am to discuss this.

If you're up you can listen here.

Busy week

Sorry folks, had quite the week this week.

Tonight will be the first night I've been home all week and I cannot wait to sit back and just watch TV. I attended Dracut town meetings on Monday and Wednesday nights and I worked Tuesday and Thursday nights. Tuesday was "Back to School" night for parents and last night we had to decorate the school gym for today's pep rally. Lynn and Kevin surprised me by coming up to the school last night. Kevin had a blast running around with balloons and just taking in all the craziness.

In addition to my classes today, I met with a college student who will be observing me for 30 hours this semester as part of her teacher training. She also gets to teach a couple of my classes and I have to give some feedback on her to the college. The pep rally was from 1-2:30 and then we had to clean up. This was my fourth pep rally and as the freshmen class advisor I have to plan the freshmen participation. It takes a lot of work and is draining. I confess that I wasn't on top of my game for this year's pep rally as the format changed and I don't know many of the freshmen yet. Plus, I really like this this year's senior class as they were freshmen when I started there so I had a hard time competing against them!

After the pep rally I had to go to Derry, NH to pick up a bed mattress for kids (Kevin is almost done with his crib) and then meet my father who was dropping off Kevin.


Tomorrow is our homecoming game and Kevin and I are going to head up as Lynn is meeting up with one of her friends tomorrow night. Somewhere in between I need to get an oil change, go to a meeting for something at Church, appear on the radio, correct quizzes, plan lessons, write an article for the Church newsletter, write some letters of recommendations, and get ready for the student teacher. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No need for commentary

This is said so perfectly I have no need to add my two cents (from Victor Davis Hanson at The Corner at NRO):

Maureen Dowd wrote another unfortunate, poorly argued, and thinly researched column yesterday. She alleges that racism is behind the growing suspicion of the Obama administration and its initiatives. But almost everything we've seen so far has a parallel with liberal attacks on George W. Bush. By 2005, Democrats were booing him openly during his State of the Union address. Rep. Pete Stark called him a liar on the House floor. In fact, the response so far to Obama is mild in comparison to what Bush endured. That does not excuse the boorishness of Joe Wilson, but his tirade is symbolic of our loss of decorum since 2002/2003.

As we all remember, novels were published outlining dreams of killing Bush; a film on that theme won an award. Al Gore, John Glenn (of all people!), and Robert Byrd compared Bush to a brownshirt or Nazi, and they were echoed in the popular culture by the likes of Linda Rondstadt and Garrison Keiler ("brownshirts in pinstripes"). There was no liberal outcry in response.

The Guardian published a sick column by one Charles Brooker, who asked out loud, "John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley Jr. — where are you now that we need you?" Howard Dean, head of the Democratic party, raged, "I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for." I think it was The New Republic that published Jonathan Chait's infamous "Why I Hate George W. Bush" article — imagine the outcry should anyone now do the same reprehensible thing with Obama substituted for Bush (e.g., "Why I Hate Barack H. Obama"). A play ran in New York called "I'm Gonna Kill the President."

Michael Moore was not censured by Democratic grandees for his horrendous comments (such as describing the insurgents in Iraq as modern-day Minutemen), but was instead rewarded with invitations from top Democrats, presumably because he was deemed useful. So far, unhinged Republican senators have not blasted Obama and suggested that our troops are akin to Nazis, terrorists, Khmer Rouge killers, and Baathists (in the manner of Senator Durbin or the late Senator Kennedy).

When an Iraqi threw shoes at President Bush, there was plenty of undisguised delight among liberal columnists and bloggers. I can imagine the response had a Bush-appointed green-jobs czar said that 9/11 was a government inside job, that Democrats were "a—holes," that Obama was like a crackhead, and that black people were more prone to shoot people and pollute. He would be fired on the spot, and his insanities cited as proof of larger social pathologies.

Joe Wilson was boorish and absolutely wrong to have yelled out during a presidential speech. And a few of the signs at Saturday's march in Washington were, like their counterparts on the left during their marches, way over the top. But so far, we have seen in the opposition to Obama none of the hatred and sickness that characterized a wide swath of opinion on the left during the Bush years — hatred and sickness that were mainstreamed by the likes of Alfred Knopf, the Guardian, and the Democratic party.

So far, the New York Times has not offered a discount to run a politicized ad like "General Betray Us" attacking Obama. I don't remember Ms. Dowd herself complaining about the tone of any the above, but I do recall her own mean-spirited offerings, like her recent silly admission that "In the past week, I’ve twice been close enough to Dick Cheney to kick him in the shins. . . . I didn't. It's probably a federal crime of some sort. But a girl can fantasize." Write about Obama in the manner Dowd did about Cheney, and one would of course be called a racist. This is all puerile and shameless.

The present poisoned atmosphere began in the 1980s and 1990s with virulent partisan attacks on Reagan and Clinton. But it was between 2004 and 2008 that the Left introduced a particularly sick sort of hatred to the political give-and-take, reminiscent of the lunatic right during the mid-1950s.

So far the opposition to Obama has not followed the Bush-hating exemplar, and let us pray that it does not. But there is a growing public perception that a Left that used every means to achieve its ends is suddenly terrified that others as crass might follow its own unfortunate lead. One of the most surreal developments of the last nine months has been to see Times columnists who were particularly unfair and vicious in their 24/7 attacks on the prior administration now call for more civil discourse and impugn the motives of Obama critics, apparently in bewilderment that anyone would question the president's competence or sincerity. This is all quite amazing, really.

Lynch is out

Stunning news today that Rep. Stephen Lynch will not run for the Senate after all. Lynch is a moderate Democrat who I could have voted for but in this messed up state, but it seems that he would have not stood a chance in the primary.

This goes to show that in order to run for higher office in Massachusetts as a Democrat you need to be a moonbat, wack job liberal. Look at Tim Cahill, he left the party too because he wasn't liberal enough. The Massachusetts Democratic party is only for those on the fringe left. Moderates like Lynch, Cahill, Rep. Colleen Garry (my state representative) are left in the cold.

This is good news for Republican State Sen. Scott Brown who would have had a tough time going against Lynch since they're both so similar in policies.

Finally, I cannot believe how few people are running for this seat. This is the first "open" Senate seat in almost thirty years and no one is going for it. Amazing.

Monday, September 14, 2009

What a shock

So it seems that members of Gov. Deval Patrick's administration did some snooping into State Sen. Scott Brown's life. They were fishing to see if Brown, a member of the National Guard, was eligible to run for the U.S. Senate.

Not content with their almost 99% monopoly on power, Massachusetts Democrats do all they can to disqualify Republican opponents. Remember in 2002 when they challenged Mitt Romney's residency?


Saturday, September 12, 2009

The most wonderful time of the year

September, October, and November are my favorite months of the year. I love fall - football, foliage, hay rides, harvest festivals, cool weather, etc, etc, etc. I always plan to make the most of fall but before I know it, it is late October and many of the activities are over. So for the past couple of years I have tried to maximize these few months.

In that spirit, Kevin and I took a ride to Concord, NH last night for my school's football game. I knew it would be rainy but Kevin had a late nap so he needed to be outside running around. Plus, football season goes by quickly so I want to go to as many games as possible (this was already the second game).

It wasn't raining when we got there but it had been so there were puddles and mud. What did Kevin do before I even paid to get in? Fell in mud. I just figured it would be one of those nights and didn't worry much about it. Kevin spent the whole night climbing bleachers, jumping in puddles, running around, and enjoying the rain. Everyone got a kick out of him. Luckily one of my colleagues had a big umbrella and he let me use it at times. It rained off and on and there was also a tent we could stand under. Either way it was a good night (and my school won big!).

Once Kevin wakes up, we're all going to head over to the Annual Dracut Old Home Day and then later I am going to the BC football game. They gave away two tickets to the BC game at my school and I happened to win them. I had already made plans last week to meet up with a friend of mine today so we just added in the game to the day.

I have already begun to plan out the rest of the weekends: day trip to the Berkshires, Harvest Festival at my Church, more football games, etc. I am going to make the most of this fall!

Brown is in

Looks like State Sen. Scott Brown is going to run for the U.S. Senate as he is making some announcement today at 2pm at the State House. Brown is a rising star in the GOP and is married to Channel 5 reporter Gail Huff. Their daughter, Ayla, is a pretty well known singer who was a contestant on "American Idol" some years ago.

Howie Carr was talking about the possibility of Brown getting into the race earlier this week and said it is not good for Rep. Stephen Lynch who is a relatively moderate Democrat (i.e. pro-life, against gay "marriage", etc). Lynch is running in the primary against the liberal Martha Coakley and perhaps Rep. Michael Capuano who is to the left of Chairman Mao. So, Howie said that Lynch's best chance to win the primary is for unenrolled voters to pull a Democratic ballot and vote for him. But if Brown has a primary race people will pull a Republican ballot to to help him. The good news, however, is that Brown will not have much of a race (as of now) since the only other Republican running is a selectman from Canton. Christy Mihos flirted with the Senate race but said this week that he will stick to running for governor.

The Globe did a pretty good profile on Brown back in January. Take a look if you don't know much about him. See it here.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Bye bye Jimmy

State Transportation Secretary James Aloisi is resigning November 1.

Aloisi came into Gov. Deval Patrick's administration to help with transportation reform and in the process ticked off the Legislature, was less than honest about the firing of Dan Grabauskas, and overall was really sleazy.

This couldn't happen to a nicer guy!!

UPDATE: I was listening to Howie Carr on the ride home and he called Aloisi a "veronmous hack." I could not stop laughing!

8 Years Later: Never forget

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ken Burns

Ken Burns was on "Greater Boston" tonight to discuss his upcoming movie "The National Parks." See it below:

Oh really?

Speaking of the outburst last night by Rep. Joe Wilson, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said:

"No president has ever been treated like that. Ever."

Oh really?

Told you

Yesterday Massachusetts Attorney General and Senate candidate Martha Coakley received the endorsement of EMILY'S List - a group that ONLY supports women, more specifically women who support abortion. They're VERY liberal and VERY radical...and Coakley and many other supporters are thrilled that she received their endorsement (and money).

Remember this when Coakley tries to tell you she is a good Catholic from the Berkshires.

See why I left the Democratic party?

Stupid, but...

It was pretty stupid for Rep. Joe Wilson to yell "You lie" to President Obama during his address to Congress last night. Wilson is in a lot of political trouble now and the media is after him which is fine with me.


Imagine if President Bush were giving an address and said something about Iraq or WMD and a Democrat yelled out "You lie." That representative would have been given a standing ovation and the media would be praising him for his "political courage" and for saying what so many were thinking.

You know I'm right.

UPDATE: I just thought of something: remember the reaction to the "shoe thrower" in Iraq? The Left thought he was a hero for "standing up" to President Bush.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Me, me, me

So Gov. Deval Patrick, the Massachusetts Democratic Party, and many members of the Legislature want to give Patrick the power to appoint an interim senator before one is elected in January. They say that this is not a reversal of the 2004 law change that took the appointment power away from Gov. Mitt Romney (less Sen. John Kerry get elected president) because that bill did not allow for a temporary senator to serve before the special election.

But, Red Mass Group has dug up a 2006 bill that would have granted the governor the power to appoint an interim senator to serve between a vacancy and a special election. On March 22, 2006, the House of Representatives voted this down 133-22 (with 4 no votes). Why did they vote this down? Because Romney was still the governor and one never knew who was going to be elected that November.

So, when the Democrats say they're not doing this for political purposes call them what they are - liars. Their spin is that bill did not prohibit the interim senator from running for the seat in the special election. But everyone, including the Democratic Secretary of State Bill Galvin, has said that that is unconstitutional!

You guys lose.

What liberal media?

Again, I had no problem with President Obama speaking to school children today but take a look at how the Democrats and the media (the same thing, I know) treated President Bush (41) in 1991 when he did the same thing. Here is a taste:

Unlike the Obama speech, in 1991 most of the controversy came after, not before, the president's school appearance. The day after Bush spoke, the Washington Post published a front-page story suggesting the speech was carefully staged for the president's political benefit. "The White House turned a Northwest Washington junior high classroom into a television studio and its students into props," the Post reported.

With the Post article in hand, Democrats pounced. "The Department of Education should not be producing paid political advertising for the president, it should be helping us to produce smarter students," said Richard Gephardt, then the House Majority Leader. "And the president should be doing more about education than saying, 'Lights, camera, action.'"

Monday, September 7, 2009

Kennedy is out

Joe Kennedy has announced that he will not run for the U.S. Senate. Now we just have to wait and hear from Vicki Kennedy who is also being encouraged to run. Many politicos like Marty Meehan are waiting to see what these two do before they announce their intentions.

What liberal media?

From the AP today:

Headline: 'He's the only 1 we've got'; Obama at 8 months

That headline is quoting someone from the article who was saying President Obama is the only president "we've got." Well duh. But the headline makes it seem like Obama is our only hope, like when Princess Leia said to Obi-Wan Kenobi, "Help us, Obi Wan, you're our only hope!"

Later in the article was this piece of highly objective journalism:

"Eight months into his presidency, he's not the hero who will fix all the problems, nor is he the villain who caused them. Instead, he is seen as a bridge that leads toward the country's next era — a guide into the new unknown."

Holy Mother of God, will the MSM please go away.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Out of there

President Obama's "green jobs" czar Van Jones resigned today at 12:15am. There is no better time to announce a political resignation than at midnight on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend - also so late that it misses the deadline for Sunday newspapers. Convenient, huh? Mark Knoller of CBS news said it is "highly unusual if not unprecedented for the WH to announce an aide's resignation in a midnight statement."

Van Jones said he resigned, he said, because of a "vicious smear campaign" by "opponents of reform."

What Mr. Jones forgot to tell you is that those "opponents of reform" exposed him for calling Republicans "a** holes" earlier this year, calling President Bush (43) a "crack head", and for signing a petition saying the government had something to do with 9/11.

Van Jones. Change we can believe in.

Senate Links

Not a lot of time this morning to blog about all of them but I have posted some links about the Senate race in Massachusetts:

Howie's take on Joe Kennedy running

Joan Vennochi on the bill to allow Gov. Patrick to appoint a temporary successor

Curt Schilling and "what he believes"

Joe Kennedy's ties to Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What liberal media?

If you already ate your breakfast, you may not want to read this article. Here is a taste of what may induce vomiting:

In the Obamas, however, a wide swath of Americans can see themselves. One major reason is their relative youth and the age of their children. Not since the Kennedys has a first family with young children lived in the White House, and the normal rites of child-raising — from taking kids to school to playing with them in the backyard — enable the Obama’s to seem to have the same concerns as millions of other parents.

But much about their lifestyle has the same effect. Renting a vacation house — rather than the annual return to the family estate — is a quintessentially middle-class thing to do. So is playing basketball with your buddies, assenting to a live-in mother-in-law, planting a garden, shopping out of the J. Crew catalog and going out for burgers.

And you wonder why people hate the media.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Head West young lady

My wife's company has an office in Colorado and her office (Waltham) had a contest this summer for two people from Waltham to spend a week working out in the Colorado office. Lynn found out a few weeks ago that she won because of her productivity numbers. So, she's going to head out there in about 3 weeks for 5 days. She leaves on a Monday and is back by Friday.

I am excited for her as this shows she is doing great work and is very successful at her job. She also loves Colorado so she'll have a great time.

As for me and Kevin, it means some major adjustments! Ever since Kevin was born, Lynn's never been away for more than a night and that was just for some "lock-ins" at Church with youth groups. Lynn usually takes him to his day care in the mornings (aka our parents and a lady in Lowell where he goes twice a week) so I am going to have to handle that duty that week. Luckily my parents said he could sleep over their house one night so that will make life a little easier. The other days will be a race as I need to be at school by 7:45 or so.

It should be an interesting week!

Places to go, people to see...

Today was a lazy, quiet day (we had no school) but the weekend will pick up steam quickly. Tomorrow I am on the radio from 6:30am-7:30am and later we're heading to the Cape to visit Lynn's friend Sarah, her husband Jason, and their son Noah. We go down every year for Noah's birthday and it's really the only time Lynn gets to see Sarah. They went to college together and it's always nice to head down there and see them every September, it's become somewhat of a tradition now. It's also the only time we go to the Cape.

On Sunday I am reading at the 11:30am mass and then we're going to Wells, Maine for a BBQ at my aunt's house. It was cancelled yesterday but it is back on as of today. Then on Monday we're going to meet up with Lynn's parents at Castle Island in South Boston (along with some other folks).

Somewhere in there I need to correct about 100 papers! I promised the kids I'd have the work back to them on Tuesday and I want to get them off my plate. Motivation needed!

Over exposure?

On the surface, I have no problem with President Obama giving a speech to public school children. I do agree with those who feel the lesson plans asking students to write letters about how they can "help the president" were over the line. But, what I think so many people are upset over is that everytime you turn on the TV, there is Obama.

I read somewhere that since Obama became president on January 20, there have been only 4 days in which he didn't make a statement or public appearance (two of those days were this week). Between his prime time press conferences, his appearance in a commercial for George Lopez, going on Jay Leno, being in spots on Conan O'Brien and Stephen Colbert, the fawning media coverage, people, frankly, are sick of him.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, Mr. President.

The future?

Friday afternoons used to be my favorite time of the week when I was in college. Classes were over, the campus was quiet, and people slowed down. I would always head to the college library on Friday afternoons and just browse the stacks. It was a lazy, guilty pleasure and I loved it.

When I was in the seminary, I do something similar. After lunch on Fridays, me and some of my classmates would head to the school bookstore for coffee and to look at some of the books. We would slowly walk back to the seminary amongst the tourists and people on campus for football games. It was great.

I've always loved books, libraries, bookstores, etc. During the summer, I am at the Dracut Library 3-4 times a week (I am heading there today after I post this). Before I was married, if I had nothing to do I would often go to a Barnes and Noble and just walk around, haphazardly read some books.

So, maybe it's me but I am shocked that Cushing Academy in Ashburnham is getting rid of all its books and digitizing everything. Now, I am all for technology and the Internet (I am addicted to it) but there is something about reading a book or article on a computer all the time. I still get a newspaper everyday and enjoy having a book or magazine in front of me. Not to say I don't read things on-line but sometimes it's better to have the hard copy.

Cushing Academy says this is all part of preparing the students for the future but I am not too sure. I think it is depriving them of something crucial.

On the air

I will join Warren Shaw and Shawn Ashe tomorrow morning from 6:30-7:30 on 980 WCAP to discuss Dracut politics. You can listen here.

Lots going on

It seems like there is so much to blog about with so little time! There is President Obama's speech to public school children, the Boston Mayor's race, Martha Coakley getting into the Senate race, Obama's speech before Congress next week, Cardinal O'Malley on Ted Kennedy, etc, etc, etc.

In terms of Coakley - I am no fan of hers. I think she was a good District Attorney for Middlesex County but I have found her to be very political as Attorney General. A few weeks ago, she filed a challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act which was an obvious ploy to please the gay community. She is your typical liberal who tries to portray herself as a good Catholic girl from North Adams. Thus, she will have a good chance of winning!

I am surprised that no one else has pulled papers and announced their intention to run. I guess many are waiting to see if Joe Kennedy or Vicki Kennedy will run. WHO CARES?? Last time I checked, there is no Divine Right of Senators in this country.

I for one am hoping Rep. Stephen Lynch runs. He is a Democrat who I could vote for. I am also hearing that Republican State Sen. Scott Brown may run, he may be a good option too.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I did not know that

WBUR had a great trivia piece today on its website. See it all below:

BOSTON — Who was the last person appointed U.S. senator from Massachusetts?

You might say Benjamin A. Smith, John F. Kennedy’s Harvard roommate who famously kept the “Kennedy Seat” warm until the president’s youngest brother, the late Edward M. Kennedy, was old enough to be constitutionally eligible to occupy the seat.


The correct answer is John Kerry, now the senior U.S. senator from Massachusetts. Kerry was overwhelmingly elected in 1984, beating Republican businessman Ray Shamie, to succeed the ailing Sen. Paul Tsongas, who did not seek re-election.

Here’s where the appointment comes in.

In January 1985, on the final day of his term, Tsongas tendered his resignation, leaving a one-day vacancy. Gov. Michael S. Dukakis appointed Kerry to serve out the remainder of the term, giving Kerry seniority over the six other freshmen senators who assumed their offices the following day.

Seniority is much sought after on Capitol Hill, as more senior senators get preference in office selection and committee assignments.