Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day at the beach

My in-laws have some little cottages at Hampton Beach (North Beach) and this week my sister-in-law Laura and her two kids are staying there as their house is being renovated. I decided to take a ride up early yesterday afternoon with Kevin and Erin and we got there around 2:30. I took all the kids to the beach so Laura could run to the store and Kevin had a blast playing in the water. It always takes him a little bit of time to warm up to water but once he does, he's in.

After Laura came back we went to a neighbor's house for a BBQ. The neighbors, Pam, Louis, and their son Marcus, are friends with the family and all the kids had fun swimming in their little pool, playing on the swing set, playing with toys, etc, etc. Lynn decided to come up after work and we all stayed until 9pm or so. Lynn took the kids home in her car and she said they were fast asleep shortly after she left - Erin slept until 8:30 this morning as she hardly napped at all yesterday.

Today I think I am going to take the kids to a new playground here in Dracut (just dedicated last night) and we may head back to Hampton tonight for their Wednesday night fireworks.

Summer fun.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Check out Globe columnist Kevin Cullen this morning and see the sleazy tactics that the Massachusetts Senate is taking to ensure casino gambling in Massachusetts. Here is a taste:

One of the casino-related amendments passed by the Senate last week redefined what constitutes a “host community’’ in any city with more than 125,000 people. Only Boston, Worcester, and Springfield have that many people, by the way.

If, as expected, one of the casino licenses is for East Boston, you would presume that the host community would be the City of Boston. You could even argue the host community should include Revere, Chelsea, and Winthrop, given the impact a casino would have on those neighboring communities.

But according to language passed on a 24-to-15 vote, “if the gaming establishment will be located in a city of 125,000 or more residents . . . ‘host community’ shall mean only a ward in which the gaming establishment is to be located for the purpose of receiving a certified and binding vote on a ballot question at an election.’’

Monday, June 28, 2010

What liberal media?

Can you imagine the obit of a Republican senator from the south who was a former member of the KKK, voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the nomination of Thurgood Marshall? The guy would be crucified.

But, when it's a Democrat, as is the case with the now deceased Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia, the lede is glowing:

Robert C. Byrd, the West Virginia Democrat who was the longest-serving senator in US history, and whose grandiloquent oratory and unrivaled command of parliamentary rules made him the Senate's unofficial dean, died early this morning at Inova Hospital in Fairfax, Virginia. He was 92.

If he were a Republican, the lede would have been much, much, much different.

When Sen. Strom Thurmond died, the New York Times article was titled "Strom Thurmond, Foe of Integration, Dies at 100."

Even worse, this was their lede when Sen. Jesse Helms died:

Jesse Helms, the former North Carolina senator with the courtly manner and mossy drawl who turned his hard-edged conservatism against civil rights, gay rights, foreign aid and modern art, died early Friday. He was 86.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Would you prefer Martha?

Many people who voted for Scott Brown are mad at him for some of his votes saying they'll never support him again.


Brown cannot vote like some US Senator from Mississippi or he will get bounced in 2012. He represents Massachusetts, not Alaska! I have no problems with his votes, I think he knows what he's doing.

Howie Carr's column today takes on this subject. See the whole column here but below is a taste:
Whenever I run into people who tell me how disappointed they are in Scott Brown, I always ask them the same question: Would you vote for Marsha Coakley if you had the chance to do it over? Of course not, they say. But then they add, this was the first guy I ever held a sign for, made phone calls for, contributed money to....

Come on, this ain’t the high-school prom. As the late Congressman Jim Burke once asked a group of disappointed constituents, “What, do you think this is all on the level?”

Brown comes out of a rough-and-tumble political background. He was in a gerrymandered Democratic district that ran from Route 9 to the Rhode Island border. He never had an easy fight until 2008. Scott Brown is a survivor.

Get thee to a school

I will be happy to allow Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy West to take my World Geography class this fall:

Friday, June 25, 2010

Out of commission

Yesterday's storm completely knocked out our phone and internet and a power surge went through our TV as the thing won't work (everything else does, the DVD player, cable box, etc)! Our neighbors' phone got fried too. There was such a loud thunder clap and, I assume, lighting strike, that it knocked out power for a second and actually set off our smoke alarm for a second or so. Kevin and I jumped right out of our skin but Erin slept through the whole thing.

We took a ride to the Pheasant Lane Mall last night to price new TV's and they're all pretty pricey (cheapest was about $350 or so). But, we only looked at one store so we're going to shop around more.

So I am at the library now as Lynn took today off and she is giving me a little sabbatical from the kiddies. While Lynn took Erin to the doctors for a check-up this morning, Kevin and I took a ride to the National Heritage Museum in Lexington for a Jim Henson exhibit. They had mostly drawings and old scripts but they also had puppets of Kermit, Ernie and Bert, Rowlf, Fraggle Rock people, and some others that I didn't know (from the pre-Muppets days). It was pretty neat and you could tell folks from my generation and up were enjoying it more than the kids. They showed a 10 minute movie and everyone loved seeing the footage from "The Muppet Show."

Later today we're all going to a birthday party here in Dracut and then perhaps off to the beach for the night. I don't know when we'll be back on-line so if it's quiet on the old blog you know why.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cahill = Hack

You just have to read Howie Carr's column today to see how much of a hack Treasurer, and Independent candidate for governor, Tim Cahill is. Just read it.

Getting away with murder

When I taught Modern World History this past year, I mentioned that Joseph Stalin and the Communists killed more people than the Nazi's ever did. One of my students then asked, "How come we never hear about that?"


Jeff Jacoby of the Globe has a great column today on how people tend to whitewash the atrocities of Communists forgetting that Pol Pot, Stalin, Kim John-Il, etc. are some of the biggest monsters. Adolf Hitler, who too was a monster, is what people focus on when they think of the 20th century horrors.

Anyway, you can read Jacoby's column here but below is a taste:

Anyone who imagines that the horrors of communist rule is a thing of the past ought to spend a few minutes with, say, the State Department’s latest human rights report on North Korea. (Sample passage: “Methods of torture . . . included severe beatings, electric shock, prolonged periods of exposure to the elements, humiliations such as public nakedness, confinement for up to several weeks in small ‘punishment cells’ in which prisoners were unable to stand upright or lie down . . . and forcing mothers recently repatriated from China to watch the infanticide of their newborn infants.’’) Communism is not, as its champions like to claim, an appealing doctrine that has been perverted by monstrous regimes. It is a monstrous doctrine that hides behind appealing rhetoric. It is mass crime embodied in government. Nothing devised by human beings has caused more misery or proven more brutal.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

True but bad

I have no problem with what Gen. Stanley McChrystal said about President Obama...but he shouldn't have said it. A general cannot publicly criticize the Commander in Chief like that, no matter who he is (just ask Douglas MacArthur).

What gets me, however, is the media's harping on McChrystal. We all know that if a general said the same things about Bush and Cheney, the media would have a field day congratulating the general for having the courage to speak his mind.

You know I'm right.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Busy weekend

What a weekend. On Saturday, Lynn, the kids, and I visited Lynn's mother at a hospital in Boston (she had knee surgery on Friday). On our way down I decided to run into the Red Sox ticket office to see if they had any tickets for that day's game against the Dodgers - I thought it would be a neat Father's Day present for my father. As luck would have it they had some available so I grabbed them. I hadn't been to a Red Sox game since 2004 (before they won the World Series and all the Pink Hatters took the seats) so it was nice to go back.

We visited Lynn's mother for a bit and with some time to kill, we took a walk to the Mission Church, the only basilica in New England. It's a beautiful church (it's where Ted Kennedy's funeral was) and I enjoyed walking around. Our peace was shattered when some guy came in with his shirt open, blaring music, and talking loud. I decided it was time to go!

Right next to the church is a nice playground with a sprinkler area - Kevin had a blast and got soaked! Then Lynn dropped me off at Fenway and I met my father for the game. As luck would have it, I sat next to a former student of mine! He graduated last year and and I taught him when he was a sophomore so it took me a second to recall his name but I got it. I didn't even notice him when he came in but his mother recognized me.

Yesterday we headed to a diner in Dracut for breakfast and then to mass at 10am (Kevin was pretty bad, I think it may be time for a hiatus for him going to mass). We then went down to Middleboro for the graduation party of Lynn's nephew Tony. After that we drove up to my parent's house for a Father's Day dinner/cake. Sadly we found out that my sister Meaghan had to put her dog to sleep that evening as she was very sick. Meaghan got the dog three years ago from a group that sells abused or neglected dogs. The dog was always sickly so it was just a matter of time I guess. But, she was a wonderful dog and we're all pretty bummed out that she's gone. Whenever Kevin sees Meaghan he always asks about the dog so it will be tough when he next sees her.

I think after all the running around this weekend, we're going to stay local today. Maybe just the playground, library, and a walk somewhere.

Another nationwide search

After being vacant for 12 years, the very crucial position of executive secretary of the insurance division’s board of appeals was a former volunteer for Gov. Deval Patrick's campaign.

So the next time Patrick tells you that he is serious about changing things and cutting waste, ask him about this.

Media treatment

Howie Carr's column yesterday compares the way in which the media responded to George Bush and to President Obama. Some examples:

Criticizing Bush - the highest form of patriotism. Criticizing Obama - hate speech. Who caused Bush’s problems? - Bush. Who causes Obama’s problems? - Bush.

When Bush mispronounced a word (like nuclear) - more proof he is a complete cowboy moron.

When Obama mispronounces a word (like corpsman) - how dare you even bring this up, racist?!

Unemployment at 4.6 percent under Bush - a jobless recovery.

Unemployment at 9.7 percent under Obama - the new normal, “steady,” a lagging indicator of the happy days that CNBC says are here again.

Good stuff, see it all here.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The beginnings

My weakest area of American history is Early America (17th and early 18th centuries) so I have decided to bone up on that era this summer. I am currently reading Nathaniel Philbrick's wonderful book "Mayflower" which is about the Pilgrims and early Massachusetts settlers. I also hope to read Alan Taylor's "American Colonies." I just bought David Hackett Fischer's "Champlain's Dream" but that is super long to read this summer. The classic is Fischer's "Albion's Seed" which I hope to read in full someday.


I hate it when the media refers to politician's sports team as "beloved" such as when they referred to "Ted Kennedy's beloved Red Sox." Please.

Yesterday on Twitter, CBS Radio reporter tweeted:

It was an open secret all day that Obama wud go to the game since Nats are playing his beloved White Sox.

OK, then how come in April, when asked who his favorite player was, Obama changed the subject:

Way too late

While our state legislators fall over themselves to build casinos in Massachusetts (about 10 years too late, that train has left the station) with promises of jobs and money, take a look at the title of this article:

Nevada's unemployment rate tops in nation

Yep, casinos are such a panacea!

Day with kids

My mother-in-law Hellen had knee surgery yesterday at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. My sister-in-law Laura took her to the hospital so I watched her two kids for the afternoon. Kevin, Erin, and I got there are 9:30am and we spent the morning/afternoon playing in the backyard, eating some lunch, going to the park, and watching some TV - it was a breeze watching 4 kids!

Last night Lynn and I took the kids to Kimball Farm in nearby Westford - what a great place. It has ice cream, food, tons of tables, arcades, mini-golf, batting cages, balloon rides, bumper boats, and so much more. Kevin was dying to go on the boats so I took him on. It was a tight squeeze for me but it was a lot of fun, Kevin wants to go back very soon.

I've been to their place in Jaffrey, NH but that's just a restaurant and a store. This one is crazy fun, you have to check it out.

Needless to say it was a tiring day. We got home close to 10pm and Kevin was pretty wired and overtired so I laid on his floor next to his bed as he fell asleep. In the process I fell asleep until Lynn came and woke me up at midnight!

Today I think we'll go visit Lynn's mother and perhaps take a ride somewhere in Boston. Arnold Arborertum maybe?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

More on Ken Burns

If you want to read more about Ken Burns' talk in Lowell, check out - they do a much better job than me capturing the evening. Once you click there, scroll down and there are two postings, one by Dick H. and another by Paul M.

Also, the Lowell Sun has a story on the talk here.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ken Burns - AMAZING

I just got back from the Ken Burns' talk at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium - what a talk. I've heard Burns speak a thousand times on TV but to hear him in person is mesmerizing. He devoted his talk to his most recent film, "The National Parks", and he spoke so beautifully of the beauty of the parks and the impact they made on him (especially Yosemite). He also returned to the theme of the movie, that the fact that WE own the most beautiful land in our country is the essence of democracy. The land is not reserved for the rich or kings, like in Europe. Rather, the people collectively own the land and can visit them.

I've actually heard him talk about this stuff before on TV but it was wonderful just to see him. He spoke for about 30 minutes and took questions for another about a half hour. One thing he mentioned that I found interesting was that the talking heads you see his movies are not told what to say or told what direction the film is going in. In fact, the interviews are done before the script so the script is, in a sense, fed off of the interviews.

Someone also asked him if the Detroit Tigers' pitcher who was robbed of a perfect game a few weeks ago should be granted it by Bud Selig. Burns said no because that's what baseball is - a human game in which there are mistakes and errors in judgement. He said it much more eloquently than that but I was very impressed by his answer.

All in all, a wonderful night and he got two standing ovations. The crowd loved him and you could tell they just wanted more and more. I did not want the night to end, it was so great.

He did say that his next movie, a sequel to "Baseball" called "The Tenth Inning" is framed around the Red Sox winning the 2004 World Series. Nice. That will be coming out in the fall. Speaking of "Baseball", in response to a question about people learning history from film, Burns said he knows of a lot of schools that teach the post-Civil War era using the "Baseball" movie. I was glad to hear that as I required my AP US History class to watch it last summer as their summer assignment. I haven't required it for this summer as it is quite long (almost 20 hours) and I don't think the kids watched it with the idea of trying to learn American history through the lens of baseball, they focused on the game (Plus, in this day and age they are not "built" to watch such a long documentary).

Anyway, I am so glad that James Cameron backed out from speaking and was replaced by Burns. I am all fired up now and can't wait to start watching those Ken Burns' movies left on my list.

Gone fishin'

Late yesterday afternoon, I took the kids down to the Merrimack River to walk around and to feed the ducks (although they didn't like the pretzels I brought). As we were walking, we saw a father and son fishing and Kevin wanted to look. They had 2 rods and a kid's one and the father let Kevin play with the kid's one. Man was he hooked (no pun intended). He did not want to put it down and all he kept saying was, "I am fishing" and "It's my fishing pole."

The father told me he got the pole at this fish and game store right next door in Hudson, NH. I pass by there all the time and always wanted to go in. It's a cabin like building and although I am not a hunter or fisher, it always intrigued me. Now I have a reason to go!

As we were "fishing" some crazy old lady yelled at the father for having his son on the wall. She stayed there and stared at him, the father was very polite and didn't say anything. She then said, "You want him to swim, go ahead put him up there." I had enough and told her to mind her own business and to "scram." She did leave but not after calling me a name. Ironically, she had a huge walking stick that blind people use. The father asked how she could see the boy on the wall. Ha ha ha ha.

Today I took the kids to this great state park in neighboring Carlisle, Great Brook Farm State Park. We've been there a few times - it's a state park with an actual operating farm. They have cows, sheep, pigs, goats, and chickens. They also have a pond and we saw a ton of frogs in it today.

I saw a sign there that they're having fishing lessons next week so I signed Kevin up right away. He's going to go nuts. It's just an hour long session but you do get to try to fish in the pond so he will have a blast. I can't wait for it myself. I wish I did more stuff like fishing. My parish's Men's Group has an annual fishing trip in July - maybe I'll go this year.

I am going to take the kids to a lot of state parks this summer. I may be critical of government but when it comes to land conservation, they do amazing work. I was looking at a map of all the state parks and I am going to mark some out, especially some in the Berkshires. I'd also like to take a ferry to Martha's Vineyard and/or Nantucket as I've never been to either. I rather do that during the week when it would be less crowded.

Time to make that list of things to do!

Another disaster

I didn't watch President Obama's speech last night but from what I heard, it was a disaster. When Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman are criticizing you, you know it's not good.

Anyway, I guess part of his speech was that he was going to make BP set aside funds to compensate folks hurt by the spill:

Tomorrow, I will meet with the chairman of BP and inform him that he is to set aside whatever resources are required to compensate the workers and business owners who have been harmed as a result of his company’s recklessness.

Um, what authority do you have to do that, Mr. President? We're all mad at BP but how does this give you the power to tell a private company what to do? Unless you believe in an Imperial Presidency? Gee, isn't that rather Bush-esque?

Word power

I was reading an article today on the release of the FBI's files on Ted Kennedy and I was shocked when I saw this:

The files, which were obtained by the Globe and other organizations under the Freedom of Information Act, also included uncorroborated reports about potential Mafia plots, bizarre claims about what really happened when Kennedy’s car careened off a bridge on Chappaquiddick in 1969 — killing Mary Jo Kopechne...

Never thought the Globe would use the verb "kill" in the same sentence when talking about Kennedy and Kopechne.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Washington Monument Syndrome

State Rep. Karyn Polito, who is running for Treasurer, tweeted today that she would like to see Gov. Deval Patrick make cuts in the state budget. Massachusetts Democratic Chairman John Walsh replied, "Would you cut local aid?"

Typical Democrat. God forbid they cut pensions for hacks, hack jobs, eliminate Bunker Hill Day and Evacuation Day, delay pay raises for legislators, etc, etc, etc. Nope, the first target is local aid, teachers, and police. That is called the Washington Monument Syndrome.


What liberal media?

Who is the biggest media darling? Michael Moore. Moore has made a living on "gothca" journalism and getting people on camera.

But when the same thing happens to a Democrat, it's an "ambush."

See here.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Party weekend

Tis was the weekend for birthday parties. First off on Saturday I was on 980 WCAP from 7am-9am to talk about Dracut politics, namely last week's Town Meeting. After, Kevin and I went to the Tyngsboro Library's Used Book Sale (I got a copy of Gordon Wood's "Americanization of Benjamin Franklin" and Kevin got "The Giving Tree") and we then treked over to Parlee Farms, also in Tyngsboro, to see their goats and to get some of their homemade, mini strawberry donuts.

A few hours later we all went to Waltham for the birthday party of the daughter of one of Lynn's co-workers. It was a great time as they had ponies for the kids to ride in the street! That evening, Kevin collapsed and Lynn and I spent the night going back and forth between Toy Story 2 and the Back to the Future movies, both which were on TV.

This morning we caught the early mass (8am) at Saint Francis and then headed to Melrose for the birthday party for Lynn's niece, Shannon. We stayed until about 2:45 and got ready for a 70th birthday party for a family friend at my parent's house. That party was at 4pm at the Hillview Country Club in North Reading. The party was a lot of fun and Kevin enjoyed running around with the other kids on the dance floor. We had some drama as Kevin put his finger in the cake (right on a picture that was on the cake) but they didn't mind.

Tonight between watching the Celtics' game, I made my staple dish - Ina Garten's Orzo with Roasted Shrimp salad - for our faculty BBQ tomorrow. Tomorrow is our last day at school - just some meetings and the BBQ and it's summer vacation! Oh yeah.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ken Burns coming to Lowell

As you know, one of my favorite filmmakers is Ken Burns...and he is coming to Lowell next week! Every year Middlesex Community College brings in a very distinguished speaker for a speaker series. This year was to be director James Cameron but he had to back out so Burns was added.

I got my ticket last week, I cannot wait!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New books

I like perusing to see what new books are coming out. I was very excited to see that Joseph J. Ellis, my favorite author, is coming out with a new book called "First Family: Abigail and John Adams." In addition, the third book in the series of biographies on Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris will soon be released. Its title is "Colonel Roosevelt" and will deal with Roosevelt's like after his years as president. Finally, George Bush's autobiography "Decision Points" is scheduled to come out in November.

Like a kid in a candy store...

Summer vacation!

It's not 100% official but summer vacation is just about upon me. The kids take their last final exams tomorrow but I don't have any so I was allowed to stay home. We have a end of the year meeting on Monday and that will do it. We also have a BBQ and I have another meeting to go to but those are nothing.

This will be a very different summer with a 3 month old in addition to the 3 year old! I will most likely be doing some work over the summer as I am on two committees and I usually help with freshman orientation. I am also teaching a new class next year (AP Comparative Government and Politics) so I have to get ready for that. I want to do more reading this summer too. The next book I am going to read is "Mayflower" by Nathaniel Philbrick, one of the books I assigned my students to read. In addition to this, my AP US History students have to read "Founding Brothers" by Joseph Ellis and "Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Revolution" by James McPherson. My AP US Government and Politics class has to read "Miracle at Philadelphia" by Catherine Drinker Bowen and "Showdown at Gucci Gulch" by Jeffrey Birnbaum and Alan Murray .

Should be a busy summer.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mumbles stikes again

I don't know whose worse at sports blunders - Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, or Tom Menino. Just last month Menino confused Jason Varitek with Adam Vinatieri and today he referred to NBA Commissioner David Stern as "Donald Sterns."

The guy didn't even get the last name right!

I can see how he would make that mistake. The guy has only been commissioner for 26 years, that's not very long.


Public vs. Private

Howie Carr takes up the case of the JROTC teacher in Worcester who is under fire from the local teacher's union ready...for not paying union dues! But the guy said he gets half of his salary from the federal government as well as his benefits. He does not need to join the union. Nope, not good enough for them. It's a closed shop apparently.

Howie points out how this is just another case of an out of control public sector:

In Boston, the cowering City Council votes today on whether to give the firefighters union a bonus for coming to work clean and sober.

The State Police get extra money for staying in shape. The hack toll takers on the Mass Pike get to ride for free, and get to go out on disability after they allegedly drop the cash drawers on their feet - and if you don’t like it, well, go fight the Teamsters.

In his early 40s, Whitey Bulger’s nephew finished his 23 years at the T and went to work on a second state pension at the Probation Department, where one of his brothers already was on the payroll for a six-figure salary.

Meanwhile, in the Dreaded Private Sector, the real un- and underemployment rate is 20percent.

This is a two-tier society, split between those who are struggling to make ends meet in the DPS, and those who are living higher on the hog than ever before, and whose pinky-ring union bosses have the power to cast those who won’t toe the line out into the darkness, as they’re trying to do with the Marine in Worcester.

See the whole column here.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I know that President Obama is under a lot of pressure to show some anger towards BP but saying he needs to know whose "ass to kick" is a tad unbecoming for the President of the United States. It reminded me of when I was in the seminary and a seminarian was leading a service and swore once or twice in his homily. It got a cheap laugh or two and had a shock value but it was completely out of place.

I don't agree with Obama on most things but I appreciate his usual dignity and decorum. In an effort to appear all tough, he lost some style points. It won't work this time.

Saying goodbye

Yesterday and today our school is saying goodbye to the Class of 2010. This is a bittersweet moment for me as these students were freshmen when I began at the school in 2006. So, they are the first class that I've seen all the way through.

Last night was the Baccalaureate Mass over at Saint Anselm College in the Abbey Church. I am in the school choir and we had to be there at 6pm to practice. The monks pray Vespers at 5:35 and I decided to go to that before practice. When I was a student at Saint Anselm, I would attend Vespers almost every night. It was surreal walking into the same stall that I sat in for so many years. I've been back to Vespers many times since graduating in 1998 but this was the first time in quite some time.

The mass itself was very beautiful and was celebrated by the bishop. After communion, four seniors spoke, one of whom lost her mother last year to a heart attack. Her mother worked at the school for 34 years and she spoke very eloquently about how the school supported her after losing her mother. There were few dry eyes in the house!

After mass I went to the Puritan Backroom with my friend Andrew Nelson, his parents, a priest who con-celebrated the mass, and a colleague. Andrew used to work at the school but is now a seminarian for the diocese. He was an MC at the mass and after communion, one of our teachers got up and announced that they took up a collection from priests and parents and Andrew's college student loans are now paid off. He was pretty happy!

Tonight is commencement, again at Saint Anselm College but in the Sullivan Arena (the hockey arena). We have a nice tradition where the faculty line up in a receiving line and greet the seniors as they're processing in. There are lots of hugs and some tears - it will be very moving.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ding dong the witch is gone

So Helen Thomas has "retired" from Hearst Newspapers amid her anti-Semitic rant that all Jews should "get the hell out of Palestine."

Good riddance. This woman is a cancer. See some of her previous caustic remarks here.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Time to go...

While teaching World Geography this year, I've really gotten into the Middle East and its history. I always knew the basics but it has been fun getting into the nitty gritty. I think my favorite country to learn about is Iran. The kids love it too - I tell them that they should refer to me as the Shah - because they're learning about something they know nothing about. Trust me, kids want to learn, they just want to learn about things that are relevant to their lives and /or are completely foreign to them.

Anyway, that was all a set up for the disgusting comments by that mummy Helen Thomas. I am sure you've seen them. If not, see below. I think this may be it for the Dean of the White House Press Corps:


Saw this on Twitter regarding yesterday's Massachusetts Democratic Party Convention:

@carlsciortino: Returning from #madem10, proud democratic party charter amended to be transgender-inclusive. Still party of civil rights!

How the hell does something be "transgender inclusive?" Are pronouns changed to "it?"

Birthday time

Somehow, someway Kevin turned 3 on Wednesday. We celebrated with a party at my in-laws' house in West Roxbury. My parents, sister, uncle, and Lynn's sister, brother-in-law, and their children were there too. Kevin got pretty tired towards the end, he didn't even eat cake!

Today we're going to have the kids party. We usually have one at a park in Dracut but Lynn recently went to the National Streetcar Museum in Lowell. They have a play area for the kids and after they take a ride on the trolley that goes through the city. So, we decided to have a party for kids there.

Kevin is making some good progress. He's been going to the bathroom on the toilet and he's now gone two straight nights without going to the bathroom in bed. Hopefully we've turned the corner!

What he should have said...

Yesterday, Gov. Deval Patrick was officially renominated as the Democratic candidate for governor. Howie Carr today writes what Patrick should have said yesterday in his acceptance speech:

Think about all we’ve accomplished together: sales tax up 25 percent, new drapes in the Corner Office, casinos on the way. Auntie Zeituni on the dole. A $1.35 million book contract for me. And don’t forget our ethics reform - not a single member of the Legislature has been convicted of a felony in the last 48 hours.

Vicki Kennedy is here today. We cherish the memory of her late husband, which is costing us at least $58 million in federal pork, and I urge everyone to read his biography, or should I say hagiography, “Last Lion,” now available at fine remainder tables everywhere.

Let us recall, too, the other fallen heroes of the hackerama, laid low by surveillance video, bad ice cubes or simple hubris. Finneran, DiMasi, Galluccio, Marzilli, Dianne Wilkerson - and pay no attention to that robo-call I made for her in 2008.

See it all here - good stuff.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dear God

So what's the best way to reach out to potential Jewish voters this fall? By criticizing Israel of course. That's what the Massachusetts GOP thinks. They posted this today on Facebook:

Middle Easterners take control of a US ship in international waters, kidnap Americans and kill 9 unarmed people.... what do you think? Because its Israel do we let it slide?

Gee, what's next? Going after the female vote?

Get a clue.