Friday, April 1, 2011

Off to school

Today I registered Kevin for Pre-K at Saint Louis School in Lowell. Yikes, how did that happen so fast? He's pretty smart if I say so myself so Lynn and I felt he needed a full-time program next year. Currently he goes to day care two days a week and his grandparents the other three days. The principal was very impressed with him, saying he had amazing social skills and was very smart.

Being a Catholic school teacher and a product of Catholic schools, it was important to me that he go to a Catholic school. Lynn is less concerned about Catholic vs. public for elementary school. Obviously cost is an issue but I believe in Catholic schools. It will be a sacrifice and I may need to cut out some things but it will be worth it. Going forward, we shall see. We own a condo now and buying a house is very high on our priority list too. I suppose I could compromise and have the kids go public K-8 and then to Catholic high school. Dracut is starting full-time kindergarten next year at no extra cost which is nice. I have no intention of teaching in a public school so they will obviously go to the same high school at which I teach since it will be free for them.

Either way, let the fun begin.

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