Friday, April 1, 2011

School Daze

So sorry I have been off the grid this past month. To say it's been busy is an understatement. Just last week, I went to Quebec City for the installation Mass of Archbishop Gerald Lacroix, the new archbishop of Quebec and a graduate of my school. I went up with the principal and our communications director. We drove up last Thursday and after about a 6 hour drive, got there around 4pm. We stayed at the famous Chateau Frontenac! We rested up and cleaned up and then headed out to dinner at a place called Panache. It was AMAZING. They served the same thing to everyone - some nice meats, cheeses, pork with scallops, chicken and potatoes, and assorted desserts. They served each thing in different servings. Damn it was good. The next day we headed out to walk around Quebec City and to see the sights. I was in Quebec once, back in 1991 but I don't really remember it. We stayed at the same hotel actually but that's all I remember. The city is so beautiful, even in the winter. I've never been to Paris but I imagine that this is what it looks like. The Mass was at 7:30pm but we were invited to a special dinner at 4:30pm with the archbishop and other guests. The dinner was buffet style, very simple yet delicious. The Mass itself was almost all in French with some English and Spanish. I studied French in high school and college but it's been a while so I was only able to pick up on some words here and there. Either way, it was a beautiful Mass and it was evident that the people of Quebec love Archbishop Lacroix. We headed out around 9am the next day as our 10-year accreditation process began on Sunday and we had to get back to school to finish up some things. Thankfully some students came by to help with the cleaning as we finished up setting up rooms, bringing things to the hotel, etc. I finally made it home around 8:30pm where I was so excited to see Lynn and the kids. I missed them so much even though I was only gone for 2 days. Our accreditation visit went very well and we should hear the results in a few weeks. Now I have to finish grading papers as grades for third quarter close on Monday. Ahhhhhhh.

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